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Suzanne Kozloski

My Hero....Suzanne ran 100 miles to help fight  cancer, and she ran in memory of Michelle and others who have lost their battle with cancer... and in honor of others still fighting the disease.


The participants of the 100 mile race for cancer.

"In Memory of Banner" on display

Michelle's Celebration of Life Parade at Ada Park

Parading throughout the Park

Grandma resting on new dedicated park bench "in memory of Michelle".




Plaque that is on Michelle's new park bench

located in Ada, Park just across from her memorial tree.

Picnic at the Pavilion.

Some (not all ) of the parade participants posing at the fountains.

Group before the balloon launch.

Launching of the balloons

Flying up up and away....


Proud Sponsor of Golf Outing

Cousin Chelsea reading her poem "Shell Bell"