Remembering Michelle....

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The first night I met Michelle, I remember the music being on really loud and she was one of the only people dancing, thats all I needed to know she was an awesome person. 

There was a night where the boys decided to set up a tent in the middle of their living room.  They named it the "boys club, no girls allowed".  And they moved all  the couches and chairs in the tent as well so Michelle and I tried to go in and sit and were kicked out for being girls. I can't remember now who came up the plan but I think it was Michelle......we found extra large hooded sweatshirts and baseball caps and planned on sneaking in. We even attempted to walk like boys. So we walked over to the tent, went in and sat down. we started giggling because we had made it, but I was discovered. Michelle was able to sit for quite sometime, listening in on their conversations before she too was kicked out. We laughed outside for a long time afterwards.

The picture of us girls sitting on the couch was a picture where we tried to do a "mom faces" for whatever reason. =) Alyssa friend from Ferris. (FSU)


Jessica's Maid of Honor