Light the Night Walk

September 29, 2007

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The whole Shell Bells Team

Jeanne and the Shell Bells Team

Jimmy and Mike before the walk

Katie and Kathy Friends of Michelle's from Aquinas

Danielle, Tony and Nate....part of the team

Mitch's cousin and her friend join in the fun

Dick and Erin Kruizenga before the walk

Jimmy and Tim waiting the walk to begin

Mike, Dick and Charlie getting ready to head up the hill

Some of the crowd

One of the tents for picking up your balloon or face painting

Joe talking photos at the walk


Melissa and her mother and Stephanie...the Applause Gang

Chelsea and Emily Huber

Pat and Dan Esch members of our team

The Shell Bells Banner

Danielle and Tony before the walk

Gene, Eileen and Barb sitting on the side lines

Getting lined up...

Starting the walk

Mary with Willow, and Jane and Emily start up the hill

Here we go...up the hill

Shell Bells at starting line

Some of our team starting the walk

At end of the walk

Mike Sue and Matt...walking in Michell's honor

Chelsea, Uncle Mike, Sue, Jeanne and Josh...bell walkers

Post walking party at Sue and Mikes

Mike enjoys some pizza after the walk

Congregating in the kitchen

Michelle Lunn